How I Dye My Hair Pastel

You Need:
; colour hair dye of your choice
; conditioner
; mixing bowl and brush
; hairbrush
; rubber gloves
; hair elastic

You Do:
1. Squirt a heap of conditioner into the mixing bowl - how much will depend on how much hair you have, but I always say put in a tad more then you think because I always find myself needing a little bit more than I originally estimated.

2. Squirt a blob or two of the hair dye into the conditioner. How much of the colour you need, I find, tends to depend on the colour itself. For example, the purple hair dye I use has a really strong colour, so I find I really only need two small blobs, depending how dark or pastel I want the colour. For the blue hair dye I have however, I tend to need a fair bit more because it's not as strong a colour, and due to the green undertone, if I don't put enough in I'll end up with more green hair than blue. With this step though it's better to start with less and add more, because you can't really take away colour once you've put to much in. If you're unsure how much you'll need or how strong the dye is, put a little in, mix the colour with the conditioner and then grab a small piece of your hair and see what sort of colour pay off you're getting and whether you like it.

3. Make sure the colour and conditioner are evenly mixed together.

4. Brush out your hair to rid it of knots, this just generally makes the whole process a little easier and less painful.

5. If you haven't already, chuck on your rubber gloves (this is the point at which I normally put them on because I tend to forget). Most of the dyes you pick up from the store won't stain your hands to badly if you forget and get some on your skin, but if you do plan to head out somewhere soon after finishing your hair and you don't necessarily want your hand colour to be matching your head, best to put some on.

6. The easiest and most efficient way to then apply the dye is to section off your hair. Start at the back, section off a piece, and then tie the rest of your mop out of the way. Using a brush (or your hand if you're me), evenly coat that strand in colour. Then pull out another section of hair and repeat. When you start to accumulate a lot of dyed hair, it can be helpful to start tying that out of the way as well. I won't lie, many times I don't bother with a brush or sectioning off my hair and just scooped the dye up with my hands and go for it. This method can work, but I find it takes longer because you're constantly finding bits you missed and I tend to use more product because I'm just generally not being as careful with it - don't be like me.

7. Once your head is completely lathered in colour, it's good to let it sit in there for a bit. The package of the dye will have instructions on how long you should sit with it in your hair, and if you're not sure it may be best to follow those instructions. However, I myself have extremely light blonde hair because I dye it that way, and through having dyed my hair with bright colours so many times over the years, I've come to realise that the colour my hair grabs pretty much the instant I put it in, is basically the colour I'm going to get, no matter how long I sit it in there for. I do have some darker parts, mainly in the bottom sections of my hair, so I tend to let the dye sit in my hair while I clean up the mess I've made and then go jump in the shower to rinse it all off. Everyone has different coloured hair, different shades of hair and everyone's hair just generally reacts to dyes a little different, so figuring exactly how long (or not) that you need to sit with the stuff on your head will be something you'll begin to figure out the more times you do it.

8. Wash that shizz out and you're good to go.

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