Holiday Resolutions

My last first University semester for the year has final come and gone. It was without a doubt one of the toughest semesters yet, the last few months has seen an assignment due each week followed by the impending doom of two law exams being scheduled on the very first two days of the exam period. Follow that with a bout of sickness, and finally I feel connected with the real world again. After the chaos of the last couple of months, I've made myself some goals or resolutions for this holiday period to help get my life back in order and into a nice routine; because who needs a new year to create resolutions.

Reorganise My Life
This means doing a hell of a lot of filing and paper culling. From University notes to leaning towers of mail, I have a tendency to create piles of paper everywhere. When I lived at home they use to just congregate on my desk, but now I have an entire studio to myself they just end up all over the place. I'm going to be taking a much needed trip to Kmart to buy some organisational stationary and then I need to sit down and start reorganising my life again.

Wardrobe Overhaul
I feel like the state of my wardrobe always creeps into my mind during busy University periods. Particularly with the lease on my current property coming to an end and with my plan being to move into a new space, the less crap I have to move the better. Lately however I found I've really started to know what my style is and what look I really want my wardrobe to have. I've really been taking notice of what sort of bits and pieces I'm really missing and also which pieces I never wear anymore and just don't suit the style I'm after. I've always been guilty of having to many clothes that I never seem to wear, so I really need to set aside a day (probably two or three) to go through every rack and draw and take a good hard look at what I've got in there and if I really need them. I'm hoping to sell a bunch of them off for super cheap because really there isn't anything wrong with the items, it's just that I never wear them. If however I find myself holding on to them for to long waiting for someone to grab them, a trip to the charity shop will be in order.

My Blog
The big one is getting back into consistently posting. The last couple of weeks saw me drop off the blogging radar for a moment, which I wasn't to happy about. However now I'm back and committed to putting out my three blog posts a week (that's every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at around 9am).
  Other than that I've got a heap of draft post ideas I want to create and really start tackling what my blog style is and how exactly I want it to look. I've finally gotten around to getting myself a proper domain name (I'm now, which has been a big first step to making my blog feel like the real deal.
   I have a little something I'm working on to add to my blog homepage which I super excited to bring out; I think it's quite different from anything I've seen on a blog before, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Personal Projects
I have a few things that I was working on during the Christmas break which I just absolutely abandoned once University starting taking over. Their basically just those bucket list types things, you know that list of things you create which you want to do or produce in your lifetime? I started working on some of those, and it's about time I got going on those again if I want any of them done before the year is out.

Get Back on the Healthy Train
Lastly, I need to get my exercise and eating habits back in order. While I think I managed to keep what I shoved in my mouth over this stressful period mostly on the healthyish side, my exercise and gym routine fell to shit basically. When I'm stressed with Uni and know I have all these different things I need to get done, if I go to the gym, I just spend my whole time thinking about them and how I'm losing time I could be using to work on them, and i just end up not having the best workout I could. Right towards the end I stopped going all together, and then I got sick so I had no choice about not going. However I'm almost 100% healthy, so I'm keen to start hitting up those classes and start feeling strong again.

What's your opinion?

  1. Congrats on getting through school! That seems like an awful lot of work, but good thing it's behind you now.

    I'm working on getting rid of everything I don't want in my closet as well - mostly so I can shop more (;

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Aww thanks lovely! Only one more full semester to go and this degree is completely behind me! :) hahah it makes such a big incentive hey when you clear everything out and notice how 'empty' it looks and you suddenly need to fill it with nice, new things, haha . xx.

  2. Amazing goals! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow me and I'll follow your blog back ASAP!<3

  3. I feel ya with the exercising! It's pretty hard to get back on track but once you do it, it feels amazing :)

    1. Hahah don't we all feel it with exercising! I'm starting to get back on track now and it always feels good after and you remember why you do this to yourself in the first place haha xx.

  4. Glad to see you're going to get back to blogging! It can be so hard sometimes especially when you put in so much work and don't necessarily get paid for it. I've been trying to eat healthier the last month or so myself! I don't know how you do it with Uni. I remember it being so stressful! I would eat anything and everything haha. Good luck and have a great week!


    1. Hahaha, I do cave and buy little tubs of ice-cream sometimes - basically though I just don't let myself buy any of the bad stuff and when I'm studying I'm to busy and stressed to be bothered going shopping and all I have in my house to eat is hopefully good stuff, so that's how I keep myself in check sometimes haha. Thanks for your comment beautiful xx.


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