Why You Shouldn't Jump

Remember when you were younger and those who seemed older and wiser around you would say "If everyone else jumped off a bridge, or if 'so-&-so' jumped off a bridge, would you do it to?”. Normally we were being told this because they were trying to stop us from doing something stupid. There is a great message behind this simple phrase though - just because everyone is doing something doesn't mean you should or that you have to, you should think for yourself and do what you want rather than following the crowd. It's message of being true to yourself and true to your dreams.

However as we grow up, that message seems to get flipped on its head. Suddenly we are being told we have to meet all these expectations and conform to all these standards. We're being told, 'this is what everyone else is doing, so this is what is right and therefore this is what you must do'. It's like they are now telling us jumping off that bridge with everyone is exactly what we should do.

Why is it okay to do what we think is right when we are younger, but not okay when we grow up?

In almost all aspects of society and our lives, we are not really taught to question to the norm, rather we should accept it and go with it. 

Remember when you were younger and every time your parents explained something to you, you would consistently reply back with 'why?' Sure it may have been downright annoying to your parents,  but really that is a beautiful kind of mindset - where did we lose it along with the way? Why did it change as our age number increased?

If you're being confronted by something, something where there is a predetermined path which most people take and you're considering following that same path, ask yourself why? If the only reason you can come up with is because everyone else is doing it, then my friend you're just about to jump off that bridge with no real good reason - you are doing exactly what you were told not to when you were younger.

So don't jump; don't do what everyone else is doing if that doesn't sit comfortably with you, if that's not what you want to do.

Every single one of us is different and unique, it's one of the amazing things about being a human being. We might have been taught that being different and not jumping because everyone else does is weird or wrong, but the reality is actually jumping is weird and wrong. Always stay true to who you are and what you want to do with your life - and whenever you're facing doubt about taking your own path just remember, would you jump just because they are?

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