SHIT I'VE TRIED: Formula 10.0.6 Blemish Products

After seeing my previous haul of their products, Formula 10.0.6 were super kind and sent me out some of the newest editions to their range.

I don't suffer from acne, however my skin always seems to have at least one break out waiting to be shown to the world, sometime worse than others. I use to have quite crazy skin that would constantly be breaking out and there would be red marks and spots all over my face. These days however it has managed to calm itself down, so I don't tend to reach for blemish or spot treatments as much. However when I have a real bad boy pop up, I like to put something on it after my shower at night to help keep it at bay.

This stuff does have quite a chemical scent to it, though I attribute that to the fact it was made to help those suffering from acne, which tends to need a firmer hand to get under control. It can also give a slight sting when you put it on a blemish, particularly if you're like me and can't help but give them a squeeze. I personally don't mind it because it's only uncomfortable for a second and indicates to me that this product has some fighting power behind it.

It isn't something that will get rid of you're spots overnight, however I would say it does somewhat speed up the process. It is also extremely drying (and that is the point of the product) so make sure to only put it on the blemish and not to much of the surrounding skin or you will create a little dry patch, which is particularly unflattering if you're a makeup wearer like me.

This stuff is made to help reduce any little red patches or marks left on your face after a blemish has been cleared up. I'd never really thought to give a product like this a go before, but I sure loved the sound of the concept. Probably because I have quite fair skin, I often get left with little red marks when my spots finally say goodbye, so I was really keen to try this out.

The end of the product is actually a little metal ball, so you squeeze the tube while rolling the end on the spot where your mark is to get the product out, which I thought was a different and interesting way to apply a product. It also has an awesome, fruity scent.

I would say this works, but again it's not going to get rid of your marks overnight. The key with both of these products to consistently use them, and you'll begin to notice results. 

The whole range is also really affordable which is a bonus!

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