Preparing for an Australian Winter: A Quick JollyChic Haul

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Winter is coming! And I’m not just talking about how excited I am that Game of Thrones is finally back in our lives. Here in Australia the colder months are approaching.

Usually I’m not a big fan of winter, but this season I’m finding myself getting a little bit excited at the prospect of getting to rug up in warm coats and cosy scarfs; what is wrong with me?

Now this is Australia, so we don’t tend to get down into minus temperatures, meaning you don’t really need to overhaul your wardrobe for the season, rather you just need to add a few extra pieces to layer up for when you’re wandering around outside.

I recently received a few things from JollyChic which pretty much do exactly that, so I wanted to share them with you.

I have been in love with this denim jacket since the moment it arrived! I grabbed in it a large because oversize jackets and coats are pretty much my life. I love the star and distressed detailing of this piece, and it actually keeps you quick cosy for something in a cropped style.

I also picked up a new backpack. Normally at Uni I would just have a shoulder bag and carry around my laptop; but with winter comes rain, and rain and technology don’t really go together. So I wanted something to throw everything in and keep it protected from the forces of nature as I wander around campus. I wasn’t really sure how this would look when it turned it up, but I love it! The geometric detailing just looks so cool and makes it so different from most backpacks you see around. It’s the perfect size for throwing everything Uni related in and still having room for more.

Lastly I grabbed this shirt; mainly as a bit of a novelty. When I saw the puppy embroidery detail on the pocket I couldn’t help but pick it up. Long sleeve shirts are a great layering piece, and because this one is thinner, it’s perfect for having on when you get inside and suddenly find yourself overheating and needed to strip off layers. A classic white shirt with a cute twist.

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What's your opinion?

  1. Totally in love with that denim jacket--the ripped hem is great! But that white shirt with the embroidered doggy is so cute!!

  2. Ohhh my the embroidered pup is just the cutest!


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