May Loves

It's that time again....

Tom Ford Perfume - Black Orchid
My Mum actually nabbed this for a huge bargain. She found a few bottles stocked a Priceline (which isn't a normal occurrence) and saw a sticker showing a huge markdown. She took it to the counter and it turned out that sticker was suppose to placed elsewhere, but because it had been on the perfume, essentially advertising it as that price, they had to give it to her at about half the price it normally was. My Mum has been wearing Tom Ford for a while, and she picked up this exact scent a little while ago, but in a bigger bottle. I actually love the smell of this one. It has a much more sophisticated and grown-up scent to it, but every time I'm wearing it and around someone they always compliment me on how good I smell - probably the best sign that you can get that you're onto a winner. It isn't cheap, but if you can ever grab some while it's on sale, I would highly recommend.

T2 Teamaker

I have been using this baby non-stop this month, multiple times a day. In between drinking my new favourite Peppermint Tea (see next) and my Skinny Coffee Club detox coffee, this thing never get a break. This will get you one full cup of whatever you happen to be brewing, and my favourite thing about it is, once you're ready to serve, you just pick the whole thing up, rest the bottom of it on the top of your cup and it will dispense. Super easy.

T2 Just Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea

I think this has to be the thing I was the most obsessed with this month. I have been drinking this almost every day, twice a day, morning and night. I never use to be that big into herbal teas, but lately I was dying to get myself some peppermint tea, of course the first place I thought to go was T2. I could not recommend this stuff enough. I just pop a heaped teaspoon into my cup, chuck in some boiling water, let it sit until all the leaves have settled to the bottom and then for another few minutes more, and you're good to go. It's so refreshing and warming and I love how clean it leaves my mouth feeling. Man I'm about ready to go for a T2 shopping spree after all this talk about them.

Beauty Essentials Face Cleanser

I love trying new skincare, so when I was in need of a new face cleanser this month I decided to try this one out. For me this was one that took getting use to. I picked up one that claimed to foam up, because I normally like that kind, however I wouldn't say it foams up all that much. When I use my face cleansing brush I can get a decent foam going, but otherwise it's nothing to crazy. This made me think I was going to hate it, but I changed my mind after I washed it off. My face ends up feeling so squeaky clean, yet not dry and void of all moisture which some cleansers can do. This is one I much prefer to use with a cleansing brush than hands, but for the cheap price point it will leave you feeling nice and clean.

Impressed Juice - Sunny Side Up

Does anyone else can random juice cravings at times? Normally I fulfil this by just picking up a carton of apple juice, but I decided to try something a bit different. I headed to the cold section of my local Woolworths and spotted this amazingness. Yes, the packaging 100% sucked me in, but the product inside is just as good as it looks on the outside. I've only tried this one flavour, 'Sunny Side Up', but I'm keen to try some others. This flavour in particular tastes a lot like orange juice, but like real orange juice, like orange juice that you've just squeezed directly from the fruit into your mouth. I'm hoping they launch an online shop soon that lets you buy packs of these, because I would 100% be down for that.

Seed Coat
I have never been so warm in my life, and I managed to nab this coat for a serious bargain. My Mum and I actually spotted this coat in David Jones around a month ago and thought it looked so beautiful! It is normally a $200 coat though so we weren't about to grab it on a whim. However the other day while shopping, I was trying on a coat in ICE Fashion and just wasn't feeling it so Mum said we should just go try on this baby anyway. As soon as I put this one I knew it was the one. At that time there was I think a 35% off sale, or something like that, but when we took it to the counter it came out ever cheaper. We didn't say anything and left, but after checking later we realised that it was 35% off an already reduced price, so we managed to nab it for only $90, which was only around $20 more than the ICE coat I had just tried on. I think there's a sale on at the moment and it's even cheaper, so now is the time to buy if you're considering. Excuse the stock photos, exams are currently looming and it's just generally the shit end of semester at the moment, so taking time to grab a nicely styled outfit photo to show of this beauty just wasn't going to happen. P.S the hood is detachable.

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