East End Hub

The Essence
Having been on the restaurant scene for a while, culinary pair Lizzie and Anthony Kocon jumped back into the hospitality world with their new café-style deli restaurant, East End Hub. Choosing to return after starting their own family, the restaurant is right next door to Newcastle Beach and the CBD, and is 100% family-friendly.

The Facts 
Located in the building once known as Elements Café, the two trained chefs have a myriad of experience behind them. Both have previously worked at the Brewery Restaurant back in the mid 2000s, before also moving on to places like The Albion, Talulah and 5 Sawyers.

Given this, it’s no surprise this new venue is filled with amazing and tasty food, served by super friendly staff. With Anthony always up to date with modern food trends, the ever-changing menu always features new and exciting food that is always of the highest quality.

“All of the seafood comes from Australia,” Lizzie said, “There’s lots of salads, lots of fresh things; we like to turn the food over really quickly. [The menu] is unique because others don’t have exactly the little touches that he [Anthony] does, so there’s that point of difference.”

Not only is the food fresh and of premium quality, most is also supportive of local small businesses.

“We’ve got honey from a farm out in Denman which is organic, and our eggs come from out that way as well, and they’re biodynamic, organic eggs. We get pistachios from a little farm that specialise in selling them that’s in Wagga Wagga. We’re using Silverskin roasted coffee beans, which is a local guy and we found him at the Hunt & Gather markets, and we also use some sweets from Fifi La Femme”.

The Find
A personal favourite of Lizzie’s, if its still on the menu when you venture in, be sure to try the Ocean Trout Red Rice Salad. It’s a beautiful piece of smoked Ocean Trout, put together with organic red rice, mixed with pieces of apple, pistachio, avocado and cheese, all mixed together.

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