Be Kind To Yourself

.... because often we find it easier not to be.

It's easier to find flaws in ourselves, pick out our mistakes and where we went wrong, or generally just focus on the negative. Constantly doing this to yourself however will not bring anything good to your life.

I often wonder why we find it easier to be harsh than kind? Is it something we have been taught or conditioned to do by society? Is it just how our brains work? I know that part of the blame may fall on the crazy expectations social media puts on people today and the fact we are constantly exposed it to; but currently I feel we are so aware of this effect - yet we still struggle to push aside these negative views.

We might hear about this issue almost daily, yet I'm sure many of us still do it. As long as people continue bring themselves down when we really don't need to, then I think this message needs to continue to put out there.

I am 100% guilty of still doing this even though I constantly read motivational and inspirational posts telling me I don't need to be doing this to myself.

I would hope that we all have those moments when we do feel good about ourselves, that we get spouts of confidence and we feel like we can take on the world and do anything and everything. The challenge is maintaining that feel all the time. At times we all get sad and have moments of doubt, but the majority of our time should be spent feeling happy and confident.

As this is still a problem, I think another post on this cannot hurt. I think we all need a remainder like this sometimes; and that's all this post is suppose to be. I'm not here to give any detailed insight into this issue, but rather to give you that little remainder that I think we just need sometimes to keep on going. So whenever it is that you are finding this post, whatever type of day or week you are having, I hope this can remind you to stop for a minute and just think about all the things about you that are awesome. Save this post and feel free to come back and have a quick read anytime you feel yourself falling into a never-ending tunnel of negativity and doubt.

You are amazing and you have the potential to do amazing things - never forget this and never doubt this.

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