April Loves

The year just seems to be going faster and faster; I feel like I just did a favourites post! Anyway, here's what I've digging this past month.

Everlast Running Shoes

Just want to start by thanking Kmart (big shocker) for letting me find these new loves. I've had the same pair of running shoes for a couple of years, and while they're still in great condition, I felt like changing up my gym wardrobe a little bit in the shoe department; it honestly makes me more motivated to head to the gym when I've got some new stuff to wear. These were only $35, and while they won't be giving your foot maximum support, they are still super comfy and just look beautiful.

I've had this sitting in my cupboard for a while, and for some reason I thought I wasn't a massive fan of them. I decided to re-try them this month and I have to say I think I love them more then my normal white tea choice. They have this wonderful fruity flavour, not that I could really narrow done for you which fruit exactly it tastes like, it just lets you experience an amazing fruit fiesta in your mouth. They're also much quicker to make than white tea (not that it takes that long to make one anyway) which has been perfect for me and my hectic Uni schedule.

I've found that cheap dollar shops are perfect for picking up candles, particularly if you're after one of a certain colour. They're not usually the best place for grabbing overly scented candles, but if you just want one more for show then its the perfect place to grab some cheap ones. I got this one in a gold metallic container, which has a slight fruity scent to it, for only $10. I love grabbing candles in awesome containers so I can use them afterwards to hold and store various things.

This month I also picked up the latest issue of Collective Hub. I've never read this magazine before, but when I saw Iris on the cover I just had to grab it. I came to know of this awesome woman after watching her documentary on Netflix. She's become known for her outlandish style and basically giving zeros fucks about what anyone else thinks of her and her style. She's without a doubt the coolest 90-somthing-year-old woman on this earth.

This perfume has been my scent for the month. It has a sophisticated yet somewhat sweet scent to it. I'd highly recommend having a smell of it next time you're out shopping.

After picking up a heap of Essence products during Priceline's 40% cosmetics haul, it's no surprise some of them found their way into my favourites this month. In particular their concealer and the All About Matt! Oil-Free Foundation are my two most loved. I use the concealer mainly under my eyes to brighten up my face and make me look less tired. No matter how long I wear it for I never have trouble with creasing, which is amazing.

The foundation also lives up to its name pretty well. I wouldn't say it gives you a major matte finish, but it definitely keeps my oil at bay when paired with a setting powder. It also gives a nice coverage and it actually smells really, really nice!

Can you tell I like going to Kmart for my active wear? I especially love the Everlast stock. It's a tad more expensive then just the Kmart brand, but they have some awesome pieces, like this green crop. I really want to get my hands on the black and white one as well, but they're always out of my size.

I also grabbed this tank. I have nice new leggings, crops and shorts, but then I feel I would ruin the look by just throwing some old shirt over the top. So I picked up this colourful tank. I think it was only $10 or $15, and the material is great quality.

Kmart Hair & Body Products 

The last bunch of items on my list for this favourites are these three body and hair products I picked up from, you guessed it, Kmart. I'm assuming they are just products put out by Kmart because I couldn't see any other brand name on them, but correct me if I'm wrong. Each of these products were on sale for only $1.50 each! Even when not on sale they are only $3, but I've noticed they seem to go on sale every few weeks. For something so cheap I didn't have high hopes for how they would work, especially the hair treatment, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

I used the hair treatment first as you would normally use any treatment, and while it certainly didn't make my hair any worse, I didn't see any major improvement. I decided to just use it as a normal conditioner, and I think it works awesome that way. It's also the perfect size for travel if you're heading away for a more extended period of time and the tiny travel-size products won't really cut it for you, but you also don't want to lug around a massive conditioner bottle.

The body scrub and lotion also work well. These products are in the 'Cool Melon' scent. To me they smell exactly like a watermelon Starburst lollipop. The scent when you smell the product in the packaging seems quite strong, but once you put it on your body it's not so overpowering, and the scent does fade.

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