Surviving mid-sem break when you're totally broke

Sometimes it seems one of the best parts of uni is how often you don’t actually have to be at uni. But although semester break is upon us, it doesn’t suddenly mean we students are rolling in the dollar bills. Being broke can tempt you into sitting inside all day, every day, watching Netflix and thinking about those assignments you should be doing and readings you should be catching up on. But the reality is, there are plenty of things you can get up and do that won’t cost you a dime - most of which are just a quick Google search away.

Get cultured
It’s never too late to start appreciating art, and a lot of exhibitions tend to have no entry fees. This means you can browse around and appreciate those squiggly lines they call drawings, but that you don’t quite understand, to your heart’s content.

Op shop till you drop
Some might suggest just heading to your local mall and going window shopping, but there are so many dangers associated with that. You risk doing some serious damage to your bank account because, let’s be honest, you’re going to find that pair of shoes you just have to buy. If you go op shopping, however, and end up opening your wallet, the damage to your funds is going to be extremely minimal and probably won’t leave you feeling so dirty.

Take in the view
No matter where you live, there’s likely to be somewhere you can go take a decent walk. This doesn’t just mean heading down the street to grab some takeaway food - we’re talking somewhere with a view. Head to your local beach and take a stroll across the sand, or look up some nearby nature walks. Your body will appreciate the fresh air.

Support your local
Find out when your local community markets are on and head along. It’s a great chance to check out the creative wares and talents of those who live around you, and it might even inspire you to finally have a crack at pottery like you’ve always dreamed of.

Become a sporting champion
Every neighborhood has a park, and where there’s a park, there are endless possibilities of things to do. Grab a ball and play football or soccer, or just generally kick it around. Go for a stroll with your fur baby, or catch up with a friend. If you want to make things even more exciting, look up to check if there are any Ultimate Frisbee courses near you - it’s a great excuse to grab some mates and pretend you’re kids again.

Release your inner bookworm
You don’t need a Kindle or a spare $30 to fork out on a physical book. Revive the lost art of heading to your local library and finding yourself something to read. Spend a few hours immersing yourself in another world within the confines of the library, or spend just a few a dollars to renew your library card and take some home.

Reach a level of ultimate relaxation
Holidays are the perfect chance to relax and take some time for yourself, but the thought of all those boxes that need ticking on your to-do list can make those stress levels jump. Calm the crazy by learning some relaxation techniques or trying yoga. You don’t even need to leave your home for this one; the internet is a beautiful thing, and you can just jump on YouTube to learn everything you need to know.

Originally appeared on Hijacked

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