SHIT I'VE TRIED: Qi Organic Tea

If you know me then you know I love myself a good cup of tea. For years I've just drunk black tea, with a little sugar and milk (these days coconut sugar and soy milk), but recently I've been expanding my drinking horizons. Chai tea and Strawberries and Cream from T2 are two that I absolutely love, and when I received these samples of Qi Organic Tea in the mail, I was so keen to try them out.

They have a bunch of teas for different things like energy, relaxing, detoxing, etc, they are all organic, and on top of that they are certificated Fairtrade which means that the farmers and workers involved in the process of making these beverages are paid a fair price for their labour and products.

Though they have quite strong scents, the brew they make doesn't have an overly strong taste, which I found I really liked. 

Out of the three, I think my favourite would have to be the Chai with Orange. I was a bit worried at first that orange and chai wouldn't mix to well, but to be honest I could even detect an orange test. 

I didn't think I'd be to keen on the Detox tea which is a green tea combination of ginger, citrus and peppermint. However, because the tea don't have an overpowering taste when they're brewed, I found I actually loved it. 

If I had to pick a least favourite of the bunch I'd have to pick the Wellness tea, which is blueberry and pomegranate. The tea bag smelt amazing, and while I didn't hate the brewed tea and drank it all happily, I was expecting to taste and bit more of what I could smell - it was probably the weakest in terms of flavour of the three.

Overall I would 100% recommend giving them a go, especially if you're someone like me who is normally a black tea drinker but feels like testing the green tea waters.

Free samples - not a sponsored post

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