March Loves

Another month ticked off the calendar, which means it's time for another monthly loves post.

Anvil Creek Candle

I don't think I've ever mentioned my love for the candles from Anvil Creek Co before, but better late then never as they say. When I was at Blackbird Corner this month on one of my regular browsing sprees, I picked up another one. This one smells a lot like a strong chai tea, so if chai is one of your passions in life like me, this one is probably going to appeal to you. Also, I just can never get over how beautiful the container is; I still have my old one because I couldn't bear to throw it out - I use it as a makeup brush holder.


If for some reason you couldn't already tell that I love writing (I mean I have a blog where I happily spend my free time writing about stuff to share on the interwebs...), then this favourite will scream it to you. I don't remember how or why, but for a while I've been obsessed with the idea of typewriters and owning one, even though I don't have a massive use for them (just a selfish indulgence really). A lot of vintage typewriters tend to go for a few hundred dollars, and I didn't particularly want to fork out that cash for something I wasn't sure if I was going to actually use or was just going to have sitting on my desk mainly for me to admire. However the Internet Gods obviously agreed I should own one because I found this baby on Gumtree for only $10! I went a picked it up from an older lady and she told me about how her husband use to always use it because he hated typing on computers, but he unfortunately had a stroke and was no longer capable of using it, so she just felt it needed to go. Not only is it in perfect condition, it has a beautiful, yet sad, story to go with it. Love, love love.

Ice Fashion Boots

Anyone who knows me in the slightest, or who simply comes over and opens up my wardrobe, knows i love, love boots! Honestly if I was rich like a Kardashian or Jenner, instead of having a closet  full of heels, mine would be boots. Yes, I am one of those people who will try to tell you and justify to you that every boot is just a little bit different, enough that I should buy that pair to add to my collection. This pair however really stood out to me because of the buckle detail. Another love of mine in life is Senso, and I've seen, while hopelessly trawling their website, boots that have a similar buckle style to this, and I instantly fell it love. Obviously Senso is a tad expensive (though I must say you do get what you pay for), but when I saw these in ICE for only $40 and realised I could fill this boot shaped hole in my life for a fraction of the price, I nabbed them. They're also quite comfy to walk in I must add.

Kmart Copper Measuring Spoons

It would basically be a crime if I didn't include something from Kmart in any type of post talking about things I love. This is probably a really random favourite, and not something I would normally look at in a store and I think, 'I need those'. But when measuring spoons are only $2 and come in this brilliant copper colour, how can you say no? Kmart you've done it again!

Australis Fresh & Flawless Powder & Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

My makeup collection isn't anything big, but I have a few bits and pieces, some higher end and some drugstore brands. I tend to use my higher end products on those days where either I'm going to some sort of special occasion, or I know it's going to be a long ass day and I need something that is going to stay on my face for a very, very long time. For day though where I'm just out doing casual things, or just generally am not feeling like popping on a full face of makeup, these are two products I find myself reaching for. The Rimmel Stay Matte foundation (I managed to nab it on sale for $3 and I'm not sure this exact product is still stocked however here is basically the exact same thing) and the Australis Fresh & Flawless Powder (which I grabbed off someone for super cheap who just never used it). Both of these products do the job of giving you some coverage and lasting for a pretty decent time.


If mentioning Kmart in a favourites post was a crime I'd have to put my hand up and say guilty right now, but it's not my fault the shop is just full of awesome stuff for amazing prices! As someone who likes to write and is also obsessed with stationary (I mean I could browse for hours through lined books and journals, and if I was rich I'd had to think how many I'd own) I couldn't pass these up. For ages I've been stopping myself from buying any more books and trying to use every last page of others I have. But after months and months I couldn't hold on any longer and had to grab these from Kmart. I got a pack of three for $5 and then this thicker 'Let Life Surprise You' journal for $5 as well. #noregrets

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