COOL SHIT: goodDYEyoung

It's not uncommon for celebrities and well-known people to eventually spread their wings and delve into other business areas in life. Normally something like this wouldn't get me that excited, but when the latest person to do this is Hayley Williams from Paramore, I'm more than a little bit interested.

If you're either a Paramore or Hayley Williams fan, you know she loves to change up her hair colour (something I can seriously resonate with). So it makes perfect sense she's started up her own line of hair dyes. I've been sitting on the mail list for a while, waiting for the products to launch, and they finally have!!!

The company is called goodDYEyoung and you know things are going to be good when you jump on the website and your cursor turns into a 'rock on' hand, and then changes to a sun with a smiley face (it screams Myspace, yet it totally works).

There's a few colours to choose from. A blue called 'Blue Ruin', a pink called 'Ex-Girl', an orange called 'Riot' (which the Internet is having a total meltdown over - in a good way), a red called 'Rock Lobster', and a yellow called 'Steal My Sunshine'. There is also a Fader product to help give you a more pastel effect with the colours, a Lightening Kit to help your hair get to a stage that will really make those colours pop, and a Tools pack with the essentials you need to complete the process.

It's all currently on pre-order, with most of the dyes being around $13.99, which is a pretty affordable price. True there are much cheaper alternatives on the market (many on which are currently sitting under my bathroom sink), but if it's quality dye with serious lasting power than it will be worth the price.

I really don't need anymore hair dye at the minute, but the temptation to try this stuff out is killing me. Watch this space to see if I get any....

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