Cool Shit: Giant Paperclip

Some things are just better when they're oversized. Some of things include jumpers, shirts, teacups so you can fit ten times more tea and cookies so there is ten times more sugar to consume.

There is another type of object that you may not have even considered needed to come in an extremely large form of itself, that is until you lay eyes on it, then you wonder how you're going to live your life without this obnoxious and almost extremely unnecessary object.

It's official name is the Polish Brass Large Paperclip; I prefer to just refer to it as the Giant Paperclip.

With a price tag of $255, I haven't quite been able to justify spending the dollars to fill this sudden giant paperclip sized hole inside of me, but that does not make it any less awesome to look at.

What are you going to use it for? Who the hell knows. A massive paperweight perhaps? Most likely just something to put on your desk and have as a piece that will have everyone in the office wanting to stop and talk to you - so maybe just keep it at home for some amazing Instagram shots in you're not to keen on having to talk to everyone at work.

Honestly this post was just to show you guys this amazing piece of stationary, because I honestly just think it's plain awesome.

What's your opinion?

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