WISHLIST: Rowme #1

I have another wishlist post for you, but this time not from eBay. It's a shop that no doubt if you're a regular on blogs and YouTube you've heard of before; Romwe. They're an Asian website who sell clothes at cheap prices. You can find some real unique pieces on there, but being an Asian wholesale-type website you do need to be wary of a few things. Firstly you need to check the sizing; just because you're normally a size small doesn't mean you grab a small from this website, in fact you probably need to size up. The best thing to do is carefully check the measurements they provide. Secondly the quality isn't always 100%, it's real hit and miss, so choose your items carefully and maybe watch a few videos and read some blogs to see what pieces people loved and hated. Speaking of loving clothes, I thought I'd share with you some pieces from Rowme that I have sitting in my wishlist.

1. White Plaid Skirt $18.19
4. Blue Ripped Jeans $22.97
5. Black Striped Tee $12.48
6. Loose Navy Sweater $26.81
7. Black Cacti Tee $15.52

What's your opinion?

  1. never purchased from Romwe but the white plaid skirt is LOVE !


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