Why Do I Blog?

Why do I do what I do? Why do I run this blog?

What inspired me to really think and answer that was this Ted Talk.

I highly encourage you to watch it all, but here's a very, very simple breakdown of what Simon Sinek talks about.

The question essentially posed is, why do certain companies or certain people in the world stand out from among the rest? Why does Apple stand out so brightly in the technological world when there are hundreds of other companies floating around that create phones, computers, etc? Why is Martin L. King's name so well known when there are probably hundreds of people from that time who made inspirational speeches?

The simple answer is because they knew why they did it, and they shared that with everyone else in the world, and they shared that why before they shared what exactly it was they did. They explained their motivation and their dreams behind their actions and creations before actually talking about what excatly it is they believed in or what exactly the products were that they made.

This inspired me talk about why I've created this corner of the Internet; but first it made me really sit and think about why I was doing this. We have a reason for doing the things we do, but sometimes we never really sit and think about those things, and so when someone asks, though there is obviously a reason, we're not actually sure what that reason is or how to put it into words because we've never given it any attention.

So why do I blog?

In reflecting, I've realised my original reason for blogging, and the direction I really want to pursue better with my blog, is actually a reflection of many aspects of my life. That is, I want things to be simple. My style, though currently evolving, is simple - oversized shirts, some pants to match, a few pieces of jewerelly that I wear all the time because they go with everything, and a coat or jacket if it's cold; simple. My style is always the same and most of the pieces in my wardrobe can be paired together, so throwing on an outfit in the morning is .... simple. The things I cook myself on a regular basis are 100% delicious and consist of something more than pasta and salads, but they're all simple (most consist of throwing things in a pot, cooking it all together till it's hot, then spooning it out to eat). My makeup routine is always pretty much the same, with a few different products here and there to cater for different occasions.... simple.

One reason behind why I started this blog was to create posts about photography, because I love photography; but I wanted those posts to be simple. I wanted to break down the main concepts and functions behind photography and make them super easy to understand, so that anyone with any slight interest could then potentially get out there and have a go. I explained this in one of my first posts I did, and I found people received these quite well. 

Admittedly I've probably fallen off the bandwagon in terms of keeping my blog flowing in this direction, but it's inspired me to tip it back upright and get going again. I never planned to be a pure 100% photography blog, and I probably never will be, because I have so many other interests in life and I want to sure them all. However the point of anything I post is that it will be simple; simple to read and simple to understand. The point of the post, my reason or my opinion being expressed in the post will be there in black and white, there won't be any big words or longwinded sentences that will need to be deciphered.

I do this because I think life only needs to be simple. There is plenty of other things out there to stress us out and make us worry, so if we can simplify as many things in our life as possible, the happier we will be, and the smoother a ride we will have in life; all of which should make us do nothing but smile when we take the time to reflect when we're old and grey.

On this blog you'll find posts on so many different topics and no I don't think you can, or ever will be able to, fit my blog into a niche, but one thing you can be sure of is that everything will be simple.

What's your opinion?

  1. Hey! Lov it! Your text inspired me just when I'm needing :)
    Thx for sharing!

    1. I'm so happy to hear this is helping you keep doing whatever you're doing. Much love xx.


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