What's On My EBAY Watchlist #1

I recently came up with a new blog post series I want to start. As the title gives away this post is about the things I've got piling up on my eBay watchlist, and I mean piling up! I'm constantly scouring eBay and watching YouTube videos about people's eBay finds and it just makes me want to spend all my moneys on all the things I probably really don't need but want anyway. So I wanted to start sharing some of these things with you in case you're in the middle of a money-spending frenzy, as we all do from time to time, and love to grab some great pieces for bargain prices. I will link everything in the post, however eBay sellers are constantly taking down and relisting their items so I do apologise if the item is no longer available whenever you're reading this. However I'm sure another quick search on eBay and you will find the exact same item listed elsewhere in no time.

3. Faux Fur Gilet $9.80
6. Pleather Tote $18.32
9. 'WERID' Crop Tee $31.33

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