OMFG I'm starting uni and I've got no money

Grab a box of tissues and a block of chocolate, because the realisation is about to dawn on you that the first day of uni is getting closer. Not only does this mean no more days lazing around on the beach, but it also means the start of some unwanted expenses. To help out your wallet, here are a few money-saving tricks you can keep up your sleeve.  

Find free parking

This will depend on what uni you go to, but many campuses tend to charge for parking. Usually, you either have to buy a ticket for the day or fork out a hunk of cash for a yearly parking permit, neither of which do any good for your back pocket.
If you’re not too keen on throwing away money for parking, try finding some free spots. Most universities with parking will have some free areas, but you might just have to jump on them early to grab one - better set that alarm. If not, you can always utilise the streets around your campus. Sure, this might mean a bit of a trek to class, but just think of it as killing two birds with one stone: you’re saving money and working out.

The library is your bookstore

A massive money-eater can be those bulky bounds of paper we call textbooks. It’s not hard to spend a few hundred dollars on them, and you’ll often find them going to waste if you never even open the front cover.
There are a few ways you can save yourself throwing away dollars on these expensive paperweights. One option is to find someone selling their textbooks. Scour Facebook pages or look up textbook exchange websites where people list their second-hand goodies. If you really need to save some coin, you might even consider just borrowing them from your library. Most of the time this unexplored part of your campus will have at least one copy of the compulsory text. If you plan to take this path, though, be sure to jump on them quick. Once uni starts it’ll be hard to loan those books, so get in early and do some readings in advance in preparation for when you have to hand them back.

Make your own food

One you’ve probably heard before, but one you’ll inevitably end up getting too lazy to stick to. However, making your own food is something you should really try and keep at in order to save some dollar bills. Buying that Subway three times a week, no matter how delicious it tastes, will add up. Even if it’s just some snacks to help pull you through ‘til you get home, it’s better than nothing.

Hitch a ride

This can save you money on fuel and parking, and also help the environment. If you’ve got a bunch of friends nearby all heading to uni at the same time, jump in the car with them.

Limit your nights out (yeah, we're serious)

When you’re a uni student, you’ll probably find you love nothing better than heading out for a night on the town to drink those stresses away for a few hours. That’s totally understandable, but it can get damn expensive. If you really need this weekly dose of de-stressing, try and stick to just going out on student nights. The drinks and entry will be cheaper, and when you wake up with that hangover the next day, the sight of coin left in the bank might just help cure it.

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