February Loves

Another month, another bunch of stuff I've been loving and want to share with you all.

Senso Sandals
Senso is without a doubt one of my all-time favourite footwear brands. Honestly every time I browse online I just want to give them all my money so I can have every shoe in their beautiful collection in my wardrobe; I might even do a wishlist type post on them because I just love so many of them. Their boots and sandals hit me in the feels every time so hard collection, but unfortunately they can also hit your bank account right the heart with their prices; I mean be expecting to pay $200 minimum. However with this price tag does come great quality and amazingly unique shoes. I was lucky enough to pick up a pair of their sandals at the end of this month. I might not have had them the entire month, but they were a favourite before I even purchased.

Kmart Spotlight
I love anything that screams industrial. I'd seen something similar in Bunnings for ages, but it cost around $100, which I just couldn't justify forking out the cash for, especially because in the grand scheme of things I didn't REALLY need it. However when Kmart brought out their own version for only $39, suddenly I felt it was quite necessary in my home.

Vintage Ray-Bans
I actually nabbed these from my Mum, so when I say vintage I mean they are legit vintage. If you go sunglasses shopping and check out what Ray-Ban is currently selling, you can actually buy pairs that look pretty much identical, so what's old is definitely new again in this case. I love the look of them and am obsessed with them x10 more because of where they come from.

True Essentials Face Scrub
Out of everything listed here I would say this product would have to go on the bottom of my favourites, however I still think it's a goer and wanted to share it with you all. The big plus about this stuff is that it will only cost you $4! So if you need to restock your face cleanser but aren't having the best time financial wise, this stuff will be your saviour. In terms of the product itself it goes okay. It does have little exfoliating beads which I like in a face wash, but they aren't super harsh. This stuff does also do a good job at getting any makeup and dirt off your face and leaving it squeaky clean. The only thing that gets me is that the directions say it should lather up, but I've not been able to get it to as of yet.

Matrix 'So Silver' Shampoo
As someone who has always strived to have platinum blonde/white hair, I have tried my fair share of shampoos that claim to rid your head of brassiness and give you that white shine. For a while I was really into the Lee Stafford purple shampoo, but recently I've discovered a new product that outranks that one. It's the Matrix Total Results So Silver shampoo, and I LOVE IT! The colour of the shampoo is more blue than purple which means it can tone your hair to a much more silver shade without leaving a pink ting to your hair, which the Lee Stafford product can do. When using this stuff, make sure you let it sit on your head for at least a minute or so. With the Lee Stafford product I find I can lather it through my hair, wash it out almost straight away and it will have managed to get rid of brassiness, so I keep it on hand for those times when I'm in a real rush. The Matrix shampoo needs a little minute to work it's magic, but in saying that it does leave your hair a much whiter colour, so it's worth the wait. It's also only a few extra dollars in price to the Lee Stafford shampoo, so it won't be breaking your bank either.

PS4: Dragon Age
Last time I talked about a Playstation game it was Witcher, and I have to admit I still haven't finished that game, it's huge okay! So in saying that I probably didn't need to go and buy myself another massive open world game, but when it came on sale on the Playstation store for only $30 I just couldn't help myself. I guess Dragon Age is similar to Witcher in the style of play, but the story line and general controls are a bit different - same deal, different shit. Games like this where you can roam wherever you want and there's heaps of side missions to do are by far my favourite. If that rings true for you to then I would totally recommend checking this game out.

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