January Loves

A new month means a time to reflect back on some of the things I found myself loving in the one just gone.

Kmart Black Bag

It's no secret I have a love for all things Kmart. It's hard for me not to go in there and just buy the whole shop. However I did restrain myself again this month and only brought a few things. One was this simple black bag. I have never actually owned a little black bag, and obviously it's a piece that just goes with every outfit. When I saw this one on sale for $10 I just had to.


I've been getting back into reading this new year, and it's made me realise how much I missed it. I've already gone through one book, Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey, which you can find my review on here (spoiler; it's really, really good). I'm currently reading The War on Journalism by Andrew Fowler, which I'm also finding extremely interesting - keep an eye out for a review on that one sometime soon.

Mulga's Magical Colouring Book

I actually found myself wanting a colouring book before they became a big thing, but at that time there wasn't really many around, and I keep telling myself I didn't really need one. Even when every man and his dog starting getting their hands on one I kept telling myself I really didn't need to spend my cash moneys on it. However, when I walked into Kmart one night and saw this colouring book by the street art Mulga, I had no will power left in me not to pick it up.

Organic Fruit Juice

I just happened to spot this while browsing the isles of Woolworths one day. I mainly just drink tea and water at home, but sometimes I want to mix it up a little. I'm not a big fan of soft drink anymore though and prefer not to keep it in my fridge. I saw these babies on special for two for $2 so I thought I'd give them a go. They taste brilliant and I just love the packaging. Definitely recommend. (Sorry for the stock photo, I drank them and threw them away before I could grab a photo #bloggermistake101)

What's your opinion?

  1. That bag is so gorgeous - I can't believe it was so cheap! You definitely found a bargain. I've also been loving colouring books (even though I totally didn't want to fall for the hype) recently after I got one for christmas. They're so relaxing though so I'm glad I gave in haha!

    You're photos are gorgeous, by the way.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

    1. I know right! The bag is def worth picking up :)
      Aww thanks Bethany :) xx.


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