Instagram Rewind: JANUARY

So, I've got another new series I'm hoping to keep up with on my blog - it's going to be called Instagram rewind (if you're not already you should go follow me over there)! Basically every month I'll take a look back at what I uploaded and see what memories it brings up. I know this one is pretty late, but when I ran out of photo paper I wasn't keen on running down to my local shop and spending $20 on a pack, so I had to wait for the cheap eBay stuff to arise (so worth the savings though). As you can see my love for my typewriter is still going strong and I had another book with half it's pages missing (like I talked about in my previous post), so I got my DIY brain on and made up this little scrapbook type deal that I'll be able to hang on to as a keepsake.

My new year started off down the coast. I spent New Years Eve and the three following days at a big house in the Central Coast suburb of Wamberal, drinking, chilling at the beach and just generally hanging around. It was a nice, relaxing and different way to bring in the New Year.

This month I started writing for Hijacked, so there's another one to add to the resume, and I also kept on blogging.
The next adventure came in the form of a trip to Inverell. I explained what this was all about in my previous photo diary post.
Before long I was headed off to Wingham with my boyfriend to hang out with his Dad for a few days. It was damn hot, but it made the trip to Potoroos falls sooooo worth it.
This past Australia Day I didn't actually have any plans, and I didn't actually mind. My boyfriend and I got ourselves stuck in a cleaning frenzy (yeah we're super cool) and managed to rearrange my studio and do a major overhaul of his kitchen. The day was finished off with a beautiful walk over at Stockton with his dog. I'd never actually been into Stockton before, and it was interesting seeing the city of Newcastle from the other side. I could hear the music pumping from the clubs as people partied away, and while normally I would feel anxiety rising inside of me about missing out, I actually found myself feeling really content.
Overall January was a pretty good month, and there isn't really anything I can complain about. Aside from life's general stresses every now and then, January treated me well. I managed to get out of the house and spend a few days away in different places, and spent plenty of time soaking up the sunshine down at the baths and beaches. With Uni now only just around the corner, it's going to be sad to say goodbye to all the free time (though let's be honest Uni can almost feel like a holiday sometimes anyway). It's time to smash out this last year!

How was your month of January? What did you get up to?

What's your opinion?

  1. I love how you've shared your instagram photos by printing them - so original! Really enjoyed reading this post :)

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