December LOVES

A new year is here! But before we go on and begin trying new products and general things in this brand spanking new year, I'm taking one last look at 2015 and bringing to you general things I was loving in the month of December.

eBay Brush
Everyone raves about the Real Techniques brushes, but I just don't have enough passion about makeup to bother going out and spending money on them. I found this look-alike on eBay and let me just say, you wouldn't know any different. It's a great quality brush, it's soft, doesn't shed, and best of all, costs you nothing more than a few dollars (with free shipping)! I'll never buy brand name brushes again.

Face Masks
I've been into face masks for a while, and I love trying new ones. Usually when I'm using face masks I have some that really get into your face and clean it out, and then others that are more soothing and moisturising. I use to just attack my face with those that do hard cleans, but I noticed, my nose in particular, was getting a bit dry and flaky. Introducing a soothing face mask really helped with that. The ones pictured below are my current favourites.
This mask I actually brought when I was in Ios, Greece a few years ago. I wouldn't say it's anything extra special, but I do feel a bit more glamorous putting it on knowing it's come from overseas.

Purple Crop
I picked up this crop from Mink Pink, probably a little over a month ago, but hadn't managed to feature it on the blog yet. I usually only navigate to sale racks when I'm browsing clothing, but I saw this hanging on the wall and had to try it on. It's a lot different to most things in my wardrobe, which makes me love it even more.

Nars Lipstick
I've been using Nars Sheer Glow Foundation for yonks, and I've always been keen to try another product of theirs. When Mum and I ventured down to Sydney (because that's the closet place to me I can go to physically buy their products) I was super keen to find a Nars counter and check them out. I had originally intended on purchasing an actual lipstick, but when I swatched one of these babies I feel in love. These dark shades are my all time favourite shade of lip product as well. 10/10 recommend. Bonus points because their packaging is just so stylish.

Cobain: Montage of Heck
I went and saw this when it was out at the movies. The way the documentary/movie has been put together is quite interesting, and at first I was left unsure if I really enjoyed it or not. But it's Kurt Cobain/Nirvana related, so of course I actually did. I finally managed to track down at copy of the DVD at Target last month.

Bvlgaria Perfume
My family still struggle to really nail how to pronounce the name of this brand. What I can tell you for certain though is this stuff smells good! Go out and test some for yourself!

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