Christmas/Boxing Day Haul

I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Every year it never ceases to amaze me how much hype gets built up around Christmas coming, and then before we know it, it's over. So to try and bring back some Christmas spirit (let's be honest, that's not really going to happen), I thought I would share with you what I generously received as gifts this holiday period, as well as the things I brought during the Boxing Day sales with money and gift vouchers I received at Christmas. A quick disclaimer (as everyone does), none of this is to flaunt selfishly to the world all the stuff I was lucky enough to receive, I just enjoy reading and watching hauls and seeing what others received, and because it's something I enjoy I also wanted to do a post about it. If you happened to receive some cash moneys or vouchers for Christmas as well, and you're yet to head out and spend them, and you're not quite sure what to pick up, maybe this post can bring a little inspiration.

Cotton On
Cotton On is one of those places that I feel can be hit or miss for me. Sometimes I go in and love a bunch of stuff I see, and other times I feel like it's just full of basic, uninspiring clothes. Their sales can sometimes be like that to, as they just seem to be getting rid of all their basics and those pieces that people don't want (and you can clearly see why). However this Boxing Day I feel like they nailed, and there were some awesome bargains up for grabs.
These shoes aren't something I would normally think to pick up. Usually when I put on this style of shoe I feel like they make my feet look extremely long, but something about this pattern made me not hate them so much.
I also grabbed this dress. I usually hate this style of dress. Because my body shape is fairly straight up and down, I tend to look like I'm drowning in it. I think it must be the stripes, because when I put this one (after sizing down) it didn't look so bad.

I actually got my first record player and record last Christmas, and have been slowly building up my collection since (and I mean really slowly). This Christmas/Boxing Day period I went a bit record nuts and brought/received the most amount of records I've ever gotten at once. I'm quite picky about what vinyl I buy. Firstly, they're not the cheapest thing going, and secondly, I don't really like the idea of having all the latest Top 40, pop albums on vinyl, it's almost like I feel the record player is to sacred for that. Instead I tend to pick classic albums and any recent ones that have really just hit me in the heartstrings (or something like that).
I'm a massive Nirvana fan, and seeing as one of my main goals in life is to own every Nirvana record available, this is no shocker. This one I picked out for my boyfriend to get me for Christmas, and I love it!
Ever since listening to Hozier's album, I've wanted to get it on record. It's this type of sound that I just love to hear coming out of the speakers while a vinyl spins.
Something a little different in genre than I would normally pick up on vinyl, but for some reason I just really loved Allday's album, and it was the first time I'd been in a store and actually physically seen a copy of this on vinyl, so I had to nab it.

The Lair
Anyone in Newcastle knows what this is. My Mum was generous enough this year to buy me one of these iconic Lair bags, and I'm in love! I took it with me when I went Boxing Day shopping, and I just felt so trendy and on-point. I absolutely love the design of this bag and the fact it's handmade, locally. No words, just love!
My mum also got me this awesome pair of swimmers from The Lair, because it wouldn't be a normal Christmas if I didn't get a new pair.

Glasshouse Candle
I have wanted one of these babies for years. Back in the day I use to call them Peter Alexander candles because around here that's the main place people buy them from, and because I'd never taken notice of the fact the brand is actually Glasshouse,  I just assumed Peter Alexander must have made them (so naive). I picked up what I feel is the classic scent, Vanilla Caramel, and I've been smiling ever since thanks to my studio now constantly smelling like it.

I use to always carry around a wallet, but recently I've switched to a cute clutch from Blackbird Corner. Ever since, my cards have just been thrown in there in a chaotic mess, and I'm always stuck standing at a checkout searching through my purse trying to find my card. So mum brought me a cardholder from Mimco, which is no surprise if you know us. It's simple and stylish, and I love it.

Womanity Perfume
I'd never heard of or seen this brand before, but it smells lovely!

Because basically I get a pair of these each year. Love, love love.

This is hands-down my favourite jewellery store of all-time. Every time I go to the shops I have to physically restrain myself from going in there, especially because they tend to have awesome sales all the time, and Boxing Day was no different (expect I let myself wander free).

I've never been a major fan of this store because nothing in there tends to grab me, I find it's all very similar stuff to what other stores are selling, but I thought I'd have a browse anyway. I didn't feel there was a lot on sale, and even less that grabbed me, but I did pick up these basic, staple pair of jean leggings. I have been wanting these in a grey colour for ages, and with $10 off I just felt, why not?!

Because anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with this store, so of course I was going to go in. I grabbed a bunch of stuff from there when I went shopping after my birthday, so I wasn't planning on really picking up much this time round, so I only got the one thing. I've had my eye on this book for ages. Basically everyday you have a new question you answer, and the book runs for three years. Each year you can look back on what you wrote in reply to that day's question, which I think is pretty awesome, and is a great way to reminisce and reflect on how much has changed.
Another thing I got from there, as a gift from the boyfriend (I also brought him one because we both loved them) was a shower speaker. I've actually wanted to grab one of these for a while. It's even harder to leave the shower in the morning now.

Of course! Kmart is a great place to pick up some cheap, stable pieces for any part of your life, and that's exactly what I did, for my wardrobe.

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