22nd Birthday Haul

Last week I turned 22! I always love my birthday, even if nothing extravagant is planned. Knowing it’s my birthday always makes me feel happy and I find nothing can bring me down on that day. Even if, like this year, I have a 50% final exam for three hours. On my birthday I ended up going out to dinner on Darby Street in Newcastle at the Bowery Boys, with my parents and boyfriend, where we stuffed ourselves silly. Most of my gifts this year consisted of me going to the shops with vouchers and buying what I wanted, which honestly I loved. So I thought I’d share what I picked up during my shopping trip. DISCLAIMER: nothing here is about showing off. I simply love to read and watch birthday hauls and thought why not make a post about something I love to see.

Zodiac Candle

One of the first stores I hit was Typo. I absolutely adore this shop and I’ve really been loving the stock they have in at the moment. The first thing I picked up from there was this zodiac candle. I’m a massive candle fan, and seeing as I was shopping for my birthday gifts it felt fitting to pick this up. I picked up the Scorpio sign, which is vanilla scented, and I’ve been burning it over the last few days and loving it. It seems it will last me a while to, which is always a massive plus with a candle. It’s also a cute jar that I plan to use once the candle runs out.

Cactus Drink Bottle

I have recently become obsessed with cacti, both the real ones and cute little drawn designs of them. I’ve been using the same water bottles for a while and really want to try drink more water, so I figured this was perfect for me to pick up.

Arrow Trinket Tray

While most of my jewellery is stored away in cute containers, I love to have my more precious metals out on display so they’re easier for me to grab. My old tray was starting to get a bit full, and Typo has an amazing collection of trinket trays in-store at the moment. It seemed like I was destined to pick one up.

Yellowstone Tripod

I actually go into JB HI FI quite a lot, though normally I just stick to browsing, however I did pick up a few things from here. First I got something I have been wanting to get for ages, and something I think is a must-have for any photographer – a tripod. I’ve been dying to go out and do some cool night shots, but have needed something to help keep my camera steady to avoid blur. I picked up the Yellowstone 57” Tripod, and it is perfect. It has all the features and adjustments you could want in a tripod and being priced at $40 it doesn’t blow the bank.

White PlayStation Controller

I’ve wanted to get myself a secondPlayStation controller since I brought my PS4. Partly so I could play games with people, and mostly so I would have a second controller ready and waiting when my other one died. I also just unexplainably love the white colour.

Controller Charging Station

If you’ve got two controllers then of course you need something to charge both of them on, at the same time. So I picked up this dual controller charger.

I love Kmart, particularly the homewares section. However I somehow managed to steer clear of it this time and spent my money on picking up some clothing I was in need of.

All together at Kmart I purchased two sports crop tops, a pair of gym pants, a pack of silver earrings, two bras, and a pair of undies, all for only $40! I’ve used the gym gear and it’s great quality stuff despite the low price. Again Kmart has stolen my heart.

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