My name is Amy and I’ve fallen in love with the art of photography.

Many times I’ve attempted to start a blog because I love to write, but they never went anywhere. I lost interest in them because they never really had any true direction, I didn’t really know why I was creating the space, but now I do.

I always find it really weird. Not so much the writing part, but trying to write on the Internet for what could be basically a non-existent audience.

As someone currently finishing off my double Communication/Laws degree, photography is definitely taking a back seat at the moment and is simply a hobby.

I don’t know if I want to spend another three years at Uni and I can’t afford to go off to another institution to learn more and gain a ‘qualification’ in the field (not that photography is exactly is one of those fields you need some sort of qualification in to start working it in anyway), so I’m thinking I might have to do this on my own. That doesn’t really bother me, learning new things, especially when you’re passionate about them, is always fun, and the scale of the Internet these days does make it easy; but it also makes it hard.

Anything you ever needed to learn and know about photography, there is no doubt you will find that information somewhere on the Internet, but the question is, where? There is simply so much information, so many different opinions and ideas popping up at you all at once that it can be extremely overwhelming trying to tackle it all on your own, and I feel it can cause some to give up because it seems all to hard to understand. Really it’s not, it’s simply about shifting through it all and finding what it is you need; that’s why I’ve created this space.

I am still on the path of learning when it comes to photography, and I want to document it as I go. I want to document it so if anyone else is like me and decides one day after picking up a camera that this is what they want to do, that they have a space that makes it easy for them to learn.

Photography is one of those things that you can read about it all you like, but you really need to practice to truly understand it and to get better, but having the right information, I think, is definitely the first step.

Sometimes I feel that photographers don’t share all their tips and tricks because they worry if they do, then people will be able to capture exactly what they have, and suddenly their work isn’t so special anymore. While I can completely understand the mentality of that, as someone who has been trying in their spare time to learn about this art form, not having such information makes things hard. I end up spending the small amount of time I have getting through all the information that isn’t helpful, but never truly getting to the good stuff. Honestly, I think, even if you give away your tips and tricks, no one will ever be able to replicate what you do. That’s because as human beings we are all individuals and we are all different. We do things differently, we view things differently, we understand things differently, and so I don’t think anyone ever really take the exact same photo as someone else; something will always be a little bit different. With that in mind, I’m not afraid on here to share exactly how I manage to do things and share the tips and tricks I come across as I learn; after all sharing is caring.

So as I tackle problems, undoubtedly have failures, find solutions and try new things, you will find them all here, as well as a few other life things thrown in here and there. I hope this space can help anyone who has the passion, like me, to capture the world around them.

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