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  • Femme Luxe return to the blog and this time with some pieces that will take you from working hard during the day to relaxing on the couch with some Netflix at night.

    Long Split Fitted Trousers

    So you're getting ready in the morning and need something to grab and pull on for work, these trousers from Femme Luxe might just do the trick. While they are fitted, they are made from a super stretchy material so they're super easy to get on and will hug your body like a glove while still giving you room to move during the day. I picked up both a black pair (classic staple of course) and a peachy/nude pair and oddly enough, despite picking up the exact same size in both, I found the peachy/nude pair to be tighter and not quite as comfortable than the black (that'll teach me to try things out of my comfort zone). The little split towards the bottom is also perfect because you can really wear any type of shoe you want and make the pants work around them.

    So you've made it through the day and now it's time to put on something comfy and relax in front of the TV and forget about your worries. This loungewear set from Femme Luxe will get you there. I picked this up in both the regular black colour and also the snake skin print. I went with these two sets because they can either be worn together (especially if you feel like being a little extra in your own home with the snake skin) or mix and matched for a variety of combos. These have a silk-like finish to the outside of them, but the inside is comfy and not irritating on the skin.

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    . 7/11/19 .

    Keep your skincare game strong with some of these new and returning favourite products.

    Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother

    I actually first encountered Genie Beauty products back in 2017 when I reviewed both this product and the Dream Cream (see below). I wrote about my first impressions on using this product here when I was using primer under my makeup. I don't ever reach for primer anymore and while on first impression I did find this product to have a nice consistency that wasn't to thick or to runny and sunk into my skin quite easily without leaving me feeling oily, from memory as I used it over time I found some of my foundations had trouble blending into my skin properly when I applied this. While I'm not someone who ever reachers for primers anymore and therefore couldn't give out recommendations on good ones to use, with this one I would probably say try picking up something else instead before giving this a go.

    Genie Beauty Dream Cream

    While I may not have gotten along with the Instant Line Smoother, the Dream Cream from Genie Beauty was a different story. I first reviewed this product back here and I still enjoy it as much today. I prefer to use this cream at night and quite enjoy the caramel-esque scent to it. This sunk nice and quickly into my skin and certainly kept my face feeling hydrated throughout the night until morning. This hydration is thanks to the number of powerful active ingredients packed inside like Matrixyl 3000 peptides, beta glucan, alpha lipoic and hyalauronic acid.

    Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist

    What would a new in beauty post be from me without some Jurlique products to talk about. These guys certainly keep me stocked up and I'm always excited to give their new products a go. I've always been a fan of their classic rose scented Hydrating Mist, but if rose isn't your cup of tea Jurlique have brought out a new range of scents. The first is a Lavender one which, you guessed it, smells like lavender. The scent is certainly strong so definitely only reach for this if you're a lavender lover. I think this makes the perfect night time mist to help sooth you into sleep.

    Jurlique Violet & Grapefruit Hydrating Mist

    Another new scent in their new Hydrating Mist range is Violet & Grapefruit. If you love something that smells a little bit sweeter but isn't super overpowering, then I'm pretty sure you're going to love this one.

    . 7/7/19 .

    In just over three weeks time I will be jet setting off to the U S of A! After waiting years to take this trip I can't wait to spend just about four weeks travelling around, eating all the foods, drinking all the drinks and doing all the shopping. Also, typical Instagrammer and blogger in me is also excited to return and write a bunch of blog posts giving you the low down on the trip.

    When I excitedly mentioned my travel plans to my hairdresser who had been before, she quickly warned me about the water and how it will just suck the moisture out of my hair. That combined with the fact that we will be stopping in a few places where swimming pool trips will be mandatory, my coloured hair probably wasn't going to fair very well.

    Never one to leave a girl and her hair hanging, Suki Hairdressing hooked me up with a couple of handy products for my travels to make transporting all my haircare that little be easier while ensuring my hair will still be in good hands even when I'm on the other side of the world.

    Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash Colour Enhancing Shampoo / Travel Size

    The main reason that my hair will get so dry in America is thanks to all the chlorine in their water and, of course, in the pools. When blonde hair hits chlorine for long enough we all know the struggles with the green tinge that eventually ensues. To fight against the green, I'll be taking two travel size bottles of the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash Colour Enhancing Shampoo. Each bottle should last me about two weeks, washing about two/three times each week. This is a super purple shampoo that will help to banish any brassy or green tones and keep my blonde looking on fleek for the duration of my trip.

    Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Colour Enhancing Treatment

    As well as keeping my hair colour on point, I'll also need to keep my hair hydration up and that's where Kevin Murphy's Blonde Angel Colour Enhancing Treatment comes in. As well as taking my holy grail L'Oreal SmartBond conditioner with me, this treatment will come in handy when I start to notice my hair needing a real hydration hit.

    Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash

    This product is something I will use in place of my regular shampoo from time to time, especially when I'm using any swimming pools. This shampoo is designed to really clean out your hair of any products, like dry shampoo, and chemicals such as chlorine, which will also help me to combat any green tinges or frizzy, dehydrated hair.

    Keratase 8H Magic Night Serum

    The last product that I'll be holding close while traveling is the newest hair miracle to come out of Keratase, their 8H Magic Night Serum. Leave this product in your hair overnight the night before you plan to wash it and wake up with soft, hydrated and just plain awesome hair. This is the stuff I will be putting in my hair as soon as we land in New York (our first stop!) and for the entirety of the trip.

    . 7/1/19 .

    Moving house can be a really fun and exciting time. A fresh, new space to recreate as your own and make new memories in can be a great way to hit the refresh button; as they say, change is as good as a holiday. However, as fun as a new home can be, moving all those boxes and pieces of furniture can quickly turn from an exciting prospect to a chore you can't wait to be done with. To help make this process a little bit easier and quicker, there are a  few things you can do along the way.

    Be Picky but Realistic
    When you start looking around for a new place to live, whether renting or buying, you have every right to be picky about the place you choose, but you also need to remember to be realistic. As you go through your mental list of the things you feel you need in a house, take a minute to figure out which features you really need and what features are more of a want. Particularly when it comes to a rental, finding a place that ticks every single box on your list perfectly is not necessarily impossible, but if you do have a limited time frame in which to find a place, it may prove to be challenging. So before you start looking, really narrow down what you need and what features will just be an added bonus to make house hunting that little bit easier.

    Ask Any and All Questions
    Whether it's before, during or after you look at a place, never be afraid to ask the agent any and all questions you have. Whether you think it might be silly or not, when it comes to spending your hard earned money on a place to live, you have every right to know the answer to whatever it is you might be wondering. It just might be your question that reveals something about the place that the agent hadn't mentioned before that either sells on you on it or lets you know that this isn't the place for you.

    Make Lists
    Make any and all lists! Make a list of the places you're looking at so you can remember what you've seen and which you have preferred so far. Make a list of anything you will need for the new house or anything that will need to go before you move. Make a list of all the odd jobs, like changing addresses, that you will need to do once moved. Lists are your saviour for making sure you don't forget anything crucial while you're trying to coordinate a million things at once and can make a big move that little bit easier.

    Declutter as You Pack
    One of the most annoying things about moving is realising how much stuff you have accumulated and how much stuff you now have to therefore move. While having to go through every single thing you own can be a massive pain, it is also the perfect opportunity to declutter your belongings or find some forgotten treasures you can start making use of again. If you're going through your wardrobe and you find items you haven't worn for the last few months, this could be the chance to sell them or take them to your local charity store. Going through all those random draws and cupboards will help you get rid of all that unnecessary random crap that tends to build up in these hidden places. As you pick each item up to pack it a way, just give yourself a moment to consider if you really need it before adding it to the pile. The more you can declutter the easier moving everything will be.

    Pack with Your New Space in Mind
    This tip can be useful for both decluttering as you pack and also packing things into relevant boxes to making unpacking in the new space much easier. Is there enough room for everything in your new wardrobe or do you need to downsize? Do you not have as much storage in your new place and therefore need to cut down on the random stuff that you have? Instead of trying to find space for things that just won't fit once you move, try and think about if there is really room for everything you own in your new place or if some stuff will need to go. Once you figured out what's staying and what's going, try and pack your boxes with items that will all go in the same space. This will mean less running around the new place finding what goes where, or trying to remember where you were thinking of putting something and will make the unpacking process much smoother and quicker, so you can be enjoying your new home sooner.