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  • A few weeks ago, myself and the other Suki influencers were invited to take part in a full day photoshoot for Suki Hairdressing. I've never been on a real photoshoot before, but was excited to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

    The day was a lot of fun, as my hairdresser Bek put together a number of awesome looks, including going old school and busting out a triple barrel curler for the occasion (since the shoot I've been dying to get my hands on one so I can recreate that hairstyle on the daily).

    Our photographer for the day was the lovely and talented Matt Briggs, and my picture perfect makeup (which stayed in place even after throwing my hair in the ocean and having salty drops running down my face) was done by Andrea Black.

    The photos are still on their way and I'll start sharing them as soon as I get my hands on them, but for now I have a bunch of behind the scenes shots to give you a sneak peek on what we got up to during the day.

    . 3/1/20 .
    . 1/25/20 .

    Give your skin the TLC and pampering it deserves with some of these products.

    There's nothing more annoying then after a week-long fight with that sore, red spot, just when you think it's all over, you find yourself left with a nice little dark reminder of what felt like a never-ending battle - well no more thanks to the Dermalogica AGE Bright Spot Fader. This guy works as a two-in-one treatment to both help reduce the appearance of any breakouts and also working to ensure there aren't any post-breakout marks left on your face. The product uses Salicylic Acid to help clear the pimples and then uses a combination of Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol to reduce any marks and give your skin a nice, even tone.

    Got some fine lines and wrinkles on your neck, chest or hands you're keen to see gone quickly, then check out the Instant Neck, Chest & Hand Left from Skin Doctors. This product aims to do just that and improve your skin texture over time. The product features three roller balls that you roll over the desired areas as you squeeze the tub, which gives a nice cool feeling. The product itself actually smells really good; a bit like how your hair would smell after you've been to the hairdresser and they use all the good, fancy products on it. While I could see a difference once the product had dried, I wasn't a big fan of the feeling I was left with. There was a tight, dry feeling with the product drying matte-like. I personally don't like anything feeling dry on my face, but if that type of sensation doesn't bother you, you might get along with this product.

    This breakthrough product from Medik8 features the molecule retinyl retinoate - this guy helps to give you more even, youthful looking skin by reducing lines and wrinkles while improving the tone, texture and brightness of your skin. Retinyl retinoate is less irritating then retinol, which means this product can be used both day and night. With no parabens, no artificial fragrance, no alcohol and no pathalates, this product was also award the Presidential Award by the Korean Ministry of Health, so you know it's got to be good. You don't need a lot of product to get full face coverage and it sinks in quite quickly and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. In terms of fragrance, there is a bit of a scent there; I don't really know how to describe it except that it smells how you would expect more clinical product to smell, but not in a bad way.

    . 1/16/20 .

    NEW YORK - DAY 2

    Our second day in New York was spent at Cooney Island.

    After walking wayyyyy to much on day one, we spent the night resting our very sore feet and researching about the subway system. While reading about how it all works can make it seem very complicated and overwhelming, we found that essentially all you need to navigate it is Google Maps and remembering if you're heading Uptown or Downtown (this will help to make sure you're standing on the right side of the platform). Planning our trips the night before, we would screenshot the Google Map route to the various subway stations we needed to go and the directions provided; following this you pretty much can't go wrong. I think we got on the wrong train once, but we simply got off a few blocks away from where we planned to stop and just walked the rest.

    Taking the subway out of the city and towards the beach provides for a scenic ride as you come out of the underground, view the outskirts of the city and watch the beach come in closer.

    It was a scorcher day when we headed out and somehow we didn't even think to pack swimmers, but we still enjoyed the carnival/beach vibe, ate hotdogs and had our first taste of American sized portions when our larger then expected drinks were served up. As our feet were pretty sore from the first day of adventures, we were pretty content just sitting around people watching and enjoying some time out of the city and smelling the sea air.

    After spending most of the morning out by the sea, we decided to head to Brooklyn Bridge and got off the subway just before it went into the city. Spending some time sitting in the shade of trees in a small park that runs along the water and sits right next to the bridge was certainly a bucket list moment - I think we could have just sat there forever watching people and taking a minute to soak in where we were. We didn't walk across the bridge (we'll save that one for another visit when our feet are in less pain), but we did spend time wandering the streets finding countless good angles to take photos of the bridge and just looking at all the shops in the surrounds. 

    Brooklyn is certainly an area we didn't get the chance to explore very much during our visit and is definitely a place we'll be taking some more time in on our return.

    Returning to the city and walking the few blocks back from the subway station to our hotel, we discovered one of the main roads of the city had been turned into a sea of market stalls. Upon googling it later, we discovered the event was called Summer Streets - an annual event that allows residents and tourists to celebrate the city's most valuable public space, the streets, while also spreading an encouraging message to use more sustainable modes of transport, including walking and cycling (honestly, why anyone would want to drive in the city anyway is beyond me). 

    After a much needed nap, we decided to have a fairly quiet night and go out and see Times Square at night. Somehow it managed to feel even more packed then during the day, which made stopping for photos tricky, but it's certainly something you have to go and see one night if you're ever in New York - even just a walk through like we did to take it all is worth it.

    . 1/13/20 .

    If you've been reading and/or following this blog for a while, you'll know we're no stranger to a good Jurlique product around here. Every time I try something new from these guys, they continue to produce the goods and I'm yet to be disappointed by anything that has crossed my path. Today I've got a few more newer products to share from the Herbal Recovery range.

    Signature Moisturising Cream
    One product I could never ever go without; a good moisturiser. This cream will help to smooth out lines and wrinkles, while using Cedar Bud extract to help increase the suppleness of your skin and help it to hold on to that oh so important moisturise. This cream also contains Citrus Unshiu Peel extract which helps to give your skin a more even tone. With a refreshing floral scent, while at first this feels like a thicker cream that might be best for night time use, as you rub and work it into the skin, it ends up feeling quite light weight and is a day time favourite for me.

    Signature Eye Gel
    Now that I'm working pretty much seven days a week (though I love it), having some type of eye product handy is essential to help keep my under-eyes hydrated and to stop me from looking as tried as I might feel at times. This ultra light gel aims to brighten, firm and smooth your under-eyes and uses potent farm-grown botanicals to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The gel has a lovely rose scent and it dries super quickly, so it's perfect to use in the morning before putting on makeup.

    Signature Serum
    Say goodbye to dull looking skin and soften those fine lines and wrinkles with the Signature Serum.
    With the same lovely rose scent as the eye gel, a little goes a long way. The light weight formula sinks into the skin fairly quickly, so it's great for daytime use before putting on your makeup. The Red Clover Flower extract helps enhance the hydration provided by the Hyaluronic Acid and once absorbed, it creates a protective film on the surface of your skin to keep it looking and feeling fresh all day long.