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  • NEW YORK - DAY 2

    Our second day in New York was spent at Cooney Island.

    After walking wayyyyy to much on day one, we spent the night resting our very sore feet and researching about the subway system. While reading about how it all works can make it seem very complicated and overwhelming, we found that essentially all you need to navigate it is Google Maps and remembering if you're heading Uptown or Downtown (this will help to make sure you're standing on the right side of the platform). Planning our trips the night before, we would screenshot the Google Map route to the various subway stations we needed to go and the directions provided; following this you pretty much can't go wrong. I think we got on the wrong train once, but we simply got off a few blocks away from where we planned to stop and just walked the rest.

    Taking the subway out of the city and towards the beach provides for a scenic ride as you come out of the underground, view the outskirts of the city and watch the beach come in closer.

    It was a scorcher day when we headed out and somehow we didn't even think to pack swimmers, but we still enjoyed the carnival/beach vibe, ate hotdogs and had our first taste of American sized portions when our larger then expected drinks were served up. As our feet were pretty sore from the first day of adventures, we were pretty content just sitting around people watching and enjoying some time out of the city and smelling the sea air.

    After spending most of the morning out by the sea, we decided to head to Brooklyn Bridge and got off the subway just before it went into the city. Spending some time sitting in the shade of trees in a small park that runs along the water and sits right next to the bridge was certainly a bucket list moment - I think we could have just sat there forever watching people and taking a minute to soak in where we were. We didn't walk across the bridge (we'll save that one for another visit when our feet are in less pain), but we did spend time wandering the streets finding countless good angles to take photos of the bridge and just looking at all the shops in the surrounds. 

    Brooklyn is certainly an area we didn't get the chance to explore very much during our visit and is definitely a place we'll be taking some more time in on our return.

    Returning to the city and walking the few blocks back from the subway station to our hotel, we discovered one of the main roads of the city had been turned into a sea of market stalls. Upon googling it later, we discovered the event was called Summer Streets - an annual event that allows residents and tourists to celebrate the city's most valuable public space, the streets, while also spreading an encouraging message to use more sustainable modes of transport, including walking and cycling (honestly, why anyone would want to drive in the city anyway is beyond me). 

    After a much needed nap, we decided to have a fairly quiet night and go out and see Times Square at night. Somehow it managed to feel even more packed then during the day, which made stopping for photos tricky, but it's certainly something you have to go and see one night if you're ever in New York - even just a walk through like we did to take it all is worth it.

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    . 1/13/20 .

    If you've been reading and/or following this blog for a while, you'll know we're no stranger to a good Jurlique product around here. Every time I try something new from these guys, they continue to produce the goods and I'm yet to be disappointed by anything that has crossed my path. Today I've got a few more newer products to share from the Herbal Recovery range.

    Signature Moisturising Cream
    One product I could never ever go without; a good moisturiser. This cream will help to smooth out lines and wrinkles, while using Cedar Bud extract to help increase the suppleness of your skin and help it to hold on to that oh so important moisturise. This cream also contains Citrus Unshiu Peel extract which helps to give your skin a more even tone. With a refreshing floral scent, while at first this feels like a thicker cream that might be best for night time use, as you rub and work it into the skin, it ends up feeling quite light weight and is a day time favourite for me.

    Signature Eye Gel
    Now that I'm working pretty much seven days a week (though I love it), having some type of eye product handy is essential to help keep my under-eyes hydrated and to stop me from looking as tried as I might feel at times. This ultra light gel aims to brighten, firm and smooth your under-eyes and uses potent farm-grown botanicals to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The gel has a lovely rose scent and it dries super quickly, so it's perfect to use in the morning before putting on makeup.

    Signature Serum
    Say goodbye to dull looking skin and soften those fine lines and wrinkles with the Signature Serum.
    With the same lovely rose scent as the eye gel, a little goes a long way. The light weight formula sinks into the skin fairly quickly, so it's great for daytime use before putting on your makeup. The Red Clover Flower extract helps enhance the hydration provided by the Hyaluronic Acid and once absorbed, it creates a protective film on the surface of your skin to keep it looking and feeling fresh all day long.
    . 12/19/19 .

    Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Suki Hairdressing.

    After a trip to America and with the weather finally starting to warm up, my last few trips to Suki Hairdressing have been all about bringing back the blonde.

    After letting the brown creep more and more into my hair for the winter season and to aid in the continuing effort to increase the thickness and overall quality of my hair, Bek (my hairdresser and blonde extraordinaire) and I decided it was time to lighten things up a little.

    With my hair thicker and healthier than ever thanks to the magic of Suki, the idea of bringing more blonde back wasn't such a scary thought. We've still kept a darker base to my hair to make regrowth virtually undetectable and also to make my visits to the salon less frequent, which has also been a massive aid in fixing my hair as the less we bleach, obviously the better.

    During my last few visits I've also been introduced to some killer new products. The most recent ones I've picked up, and which I already know are about to become staples in my routine are the YOUNG.AGAIN DRY CONDITIONER and the STAYING.ALIVE Leave-In Treatment, both from Kevin Murphy.  The Dry Conditioner is honestly a revolutionary product for second day hair, to me anyway. While I love the current dry shampoo I use from Arbonne and it's about the best one I've ever used, by it's nature, dry shampoo is drying, and when you have blonde ends like me which tend to dry out in between washes, products that just dry them further isn't exactly ideal. With the dry conditioner, you get the oil reducing benefits of a dry shampoo, but it also helps to add moisture to your hair (as a regular conditioner would) so you can have a clean scalp and nourished, healthy feeling and looking ends!

    As soon as I saw the words Leave-In Treatment, I had a good feeling I was going to the like this product to. I don't really ever come across a bad leave-in treatment, however this one is next level. The soft feeling my hair had after having this used in my hair at the salon had me sold. I definitely recommend this stuff for any other blonde babes out there who use hair dryers and styling tools on their hair as often as I do (which is basically every day).

    Two other styling products I've had the pleasure of using, and will be a big hit for my fans of beach hair without having to actually go swimming, are the HAIR RESORT and HAIR RESORT SPRAY, also from Kevin Murphy. Both products essentially do the same thing however the HAIR RESORT is more of a gel/liquid product that I find works best in damp hair - just scrunch in to get beachy waves that will stay in place all day. The spray virtually works the same however I find it best to use on dry hair.

    . 11/19/19 .

    When I found out Skinstitut had a makeup range, I had to try it!As a fan of their skincare, I was interested to see how their makeup would do. Currently stocked exclusively at Laser Clinics Australia, the range was born out of the need to provide something to patients who had undergone dermal treatments and wanted something for their face post-treatment, but that wouldn't be clogging or damaging to their healing skin. 

    The Skinstitut makeup range is essentially a hybrid between skincare and makeup, with each product in the range containing an advocated formula that combines cosmedical skincare ingredients with natural, triple milled minerals to give you something that you can wear after treatment and that will also help with the healing process.

    While I haven't had any dermal treatments recently, knowing how good for your skin these products were, I had to put them to the test - for reference, my skin sits a little on the oiler side; the main problem I get and which I use to test how good any makeup is, especially foundation, is whether or not the product separates and/or goes shiny on my skin throughout the day, or if it can tough it out and manage to stay looking flawless.

    Pressed Mineral Foundation 

    This product is a 4-in-1 deal, offering concealer, foundation, sun protection and a finishing powder, so you only have to put one product on your face and your base is caked and ready to go. Unfortunately, for me, this was probably my least favourite product out of them all. While it applied really well and looked great during the first part of the day, as I looked in the mirror in the afternoon, while it hadn't majorly separated, it almost somehow looked cakier than it had when I first applied. I also feel like it had a bit more a glow/highlight effect to it than regular foundation which I was living for all over my face.

    Loose Mineral Foundation

    This stuff is certainly one of my favourite picks from the range. Lately my skin hasn't been enjoying liquid foundation - its just been separating and looking super oily on my face for some reason, so I turned to this for a lighter option. This Mineral Foundation was the answer I needed - it manages to give my face an almost full coverage look, but while still looking very natural and by being able to use less product on my face, my skin isn't reacting as much with my makeup and staying put better throughout the day.

    High Definition Foundation

    This was another one of my favourites from the range. While I'm not currently using liquid foundation, as mentioned above, I did give this a go a few times when my skin was being less of a pain in the butt and I found myself really liking. While I will say it doesn't hold in place quite as much as my coveted Chanel foundation, this stuff certainly sits in a close second place. I found this foundation, while still giving a full coverage, is more light weight then the Chanel foundation I always use, so is a perfect option for when I want something a bit less intense but still want coverage.

    BB Cream - Blemish Balancer

    I've always been a bit on the fence when it comes to BB Creams - a lot of the ones I've tried in the past have either just given no coverage and sat more on the end of being a moisturiser than any sort of foundation, or they give coverage but the oil from my skin would seep though and seperate it all in no time. Still, I gave this product a go and I have to say I was pretty impressed. While it still wasn't my favourite of the lot, I feel like this is something that would be perfect if I was just ducking out somewhere and wasn't looking to be wearing makeup for an extended period of time. I also found, despite being a BB Cream, that it had pretty good coverage while remaining lightweight on the skin.